“Le Chiavi della Città”: the key to the city


School year: 2014-2015

In collaboration with the Le Chiavi della Città, the Assessorato all’Educazione del Comune di Firenze, and the Fondazione Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, LabGEO offers training workshops for teachers and students of the Secondary School (1st grade) in the province of Firenze.

The courses aim at integrating traditional knowledge of geography with informatics tools in order to disseminate and strengthen the historical-geographical knowledge via the utilization of smart and digital technologies, and via Geo educational tools.




Story Mapping on Vespucci’s places and themes

School year: 2013-2014


Within the Project “Learning500–Didattica per un mondo nuovo”, funded by the Fondazione Ente Cassa di Risparmio, LabGEO has organized lab-activities and internships on GIS and on those technologies to survey the territory, for the students of the Secondary School (2nd grade) of the Province of Florence.

The students, supervised by the LabGEO researchers, have implemented multimedia historico-geographic routes based on the explorations in the New World, with specific in-depth studies on the geographic discovery by the Florentine explorers and world navigators from the 16th Century. The final outcome has been the creation of a web application as tool for the Story Maps tailored to Vespucci’s places and themes.