The three events provide the opportunity to engage, around the theme of “cartography”, the main stakeholders working on issues related to the interpretation and representation of territorial phenomena in order to develop a proposal for a joint declaration on territorial information to be presented at the international conference in December 2021 (

In this framework, three meetings have been organized in order to hear the viewpoints of different stakeholders (e.g., the research/education sector, the public administration, the productive sector). The following three key questions have been at the core of the discussion:

  1. What is your specific application?
  2. What are the challenges you are facing?
  3. What are the current innovations within your sector?

Those Tuscan entities which may be interested in participating in drafting the final document, can send their contributions to the following email address by 25 May 2021. The email message should indicate “Contributo alla dichiarazione congiunta sull’informazione territoriale toscana” in the subject line.