The exhibition, starting from the Mosaic, intends to reconstruct the Hypothetical Library of Madaba, i.e. the sources and models available to the mosaicist. It will also be possible to appreciate the transformations of the landscapes through the comparison of photographic, cartographic and narrative documents preserved at the Italian Geographical Society and in other archives and conservatories. Finally, the elaborations produced by the research group will be exposed, as a result of the missions conducted in Jordan starting from 2019.

The first opening of the exhibition took place in Amman on Feb. 04, 2024 while in Italy it will be present in Rome, at the Italian Geographic Society from Feb. 22 until March 14, 2024, and then in Florence to the middle of April.

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Photos from the opening of the exhibition in Amman:







Photos from the opening of the exhibition in Rome at the Italian Geographic Society: